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Premises Liability Attorney

Step 6. Most evictions do not go thou all the steps. You must go thou the court system and follow very specific eviction steps. The landlord canst place chains at the gate, turn off the utilities, or enter the property to change the locks and take possession. The landlord should start the eviction process immediately. Step 5. A full eviction is a drawn out and tedious process that should be negotiated and avoided at all cost in the Miami real estate current market situation. A copy of the Three Day Notice and a copy of the lease must be included as part of the package. Writ of Possession – The judge will sign a Writ of Possession after receiving the Default Package and then it will be delivered to the Sheriff. Five Day Notice or Residential Evictions Summons – This form must be served by the sheriff or a private server to the tenant in Miami-Dade County. An eviction for non-payment of rent has become very common in today’s economy and current Miami real estate market. The three day notice notifies the tenant to pay the rent in full or vacate the property within three business days. It lets the tenant know that they have 5 days to answer to the court the reasons why they should not be forced to move.

Danbury, CT (PRWEB) December 05, 2016 The Law Firm of Ventura, Ribeiro and Smith has today announced it is changing its name to Ventura Law, effective immediately. Although the firm will continue to operate with the same attorneys and staff, its new name represents an important milestone as it sets the course for its future. Weve seen many changes to the field of law and within our firm over the years, said Augie Ribeiro, Chief Executive Officer of Ventura Law. One thing which has always remained constant, however, is our belief that every client deserves to be treated with compassion and integrity, and to have their voice heard in the legal system. This was the guiding principle of our founding partner, Americo Ventura, who still practices by these values today, almost sixty years after first opening his doors. By changing our name to Ventura Law, we hope to continue to inspire these values and honor his legacy as we grow into the future. The firm now known as Ventura Law began in 1957 when Americo Ventura began practicing law in his hometown of Danbury, Connecticut. The son of Portuguese immigrants, Ventura believed in providing honest and compassionate service, and in giving back to the community as much as possible. Practicing law in this way, Ventura became a vital part of the community, and a trusted advisor to thousands of Portuguese and Spanish-speaking clients. Under Attorney Venturas guidance, the firm has grown in both size and diversity. Today the firm consists of 15 attorneys and operates four offices in Connecticut and New York. Ventura Laws practice is primarily focused on representing clients in personal injury litigation, real estate transactions, and estate planning matters.

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The landlord must act quickly when the tenant refuses to pay the rent. Eviction – The sheriff will post a note at the door informing the tenant the date they must move out and when the eviction will take place, usually within 42 to 72 hours. Three Day Notice – This is the first step in the eviction process. Step 3.