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Bowling Green, KY Accident Attorney Offers Free Case Evaluation Mike Breen Attorney at Law P.S.C., a Bowling Green personal injury lawyer firm offering an accident attorney to those who need one, has announced that they now offer a free case evaluation through their website. They have dedicated a separate page of their website to the free case evaluation, through an easy to use contact form. People can also attend the offices directly, and the web page includes a map to help people find it. Mike Breen, partner at Mike Breen Attorney at Law P.S.C., says: "We want to make sure that people find it as easy as possible to find out whether they have a case to be made following an accident or injury. This is why we have dedicated an entire section of our website to a free case evaluation. People only have to enter their contact details and a brief description of what happened to them, and we will look at what we can do help them. This is naturally completely no obligation as well." The Bowling Green auto accident attorney firm sets itself apart by focusing solely on personal injury. They deal with different types of injuries, including car accidents, other forms of personal injury, and wrongful death. His work has been greatly appreciated by his many clients, who felt they were listened to and that they truly had someone fighting in their corner.

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